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A Warlord's Lady

A Warlord's Lady - Read Online or Download A Warlord's Lady by Nicola E. Sheridan Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Magic, murder and mayhem collide when an ordinary woman meets a powerful warlord and writes a bestselling, tell-all book... It's got to be Stockholm Syndrome...Eighteen fateful months ago, Sabra was kidnapped by the infamous magician warlord Cain Dath, and her body just won't let her forget. Hidden in the humid depths of the Laos jungle, she shared everything with him, but he never shared his heart.In his position of power, Cain cannot show weakness. He must lead his people to freedom and no one not even the woman he's fast becoming obsessed with can stand in his way. Then Sabra sells her story of love slavery in a tell-all expos and brings fame, fortune, and every one of his enemies down upon them both. Now, she is open to attack on all fronts, and he can no longer stay away. The man who enslaved her may well be the only man who can save her.

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