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Where the Light Glows

Dena Blake - (Rating: 2 - 14 votes)

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Where the Light Glows Izzy Calabrese wants to make her restaurant a success. She has a passion for cooking and life in general. Romance is the furthest thing from her mind when she finds Mel Thomas crying after being abandoned by her husbandagain. She tries to distance herself from Mel, but she keeps showing up.Clients know Mel Thomas as the CEO of her own consulting firm. Shes smart, engaging, and successful. Anyone who knows her would never think shes insecure, but shes more fragile than anyone knows. Her marriage on shaky ground, she doesnt know how, or if, it can be salvaged. All shes ever wanted in a relationship is someones attention. She thinks she may have found the person who can give that to her. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect it to be Izzy.Genres: Contemporary / Romance

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